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One Week in Phuket Itinerary

Thailand was one of the countries I was most excited about visiting on our around-the-world adventure.  We ended up spending a little over two months sailing on the west coast of Thailand, and a majority of that time was spent on Phuket.  Not everyone has the luxury of slow travel like we do, but everything…


Where to Eat in Phuket Thailand

When I say I was excited about visiting Thailand, it was mostly because I absolutely love Thai food.  On that front, Thailand did not disappoint.  We had so many classic dishes at Phuket restaurants such as Pad Thai and Pad See Ew (David’s favorite and mine, respectively).  Of course, we also got to explore more…


Phuket Seashell Museum Thailand

I love to comb the beach, looking for unique shells and then learning about the animals that make these shells a home.  It’s a fun activity and I learn something new.  However, very rarely do I ever keep the shells; I have a teeny, tiny shell collection on Starry Horizons.  I usually find shells on the…


Lardyai – Phuket Walking Street on Sunday Night

My favorite thing about visiting Thailand – or most of Southeast Asia for that matter – is the food.  Thai is my favorite cuisine, and the food was the number one reason I wanted to come to Thailand.  It’s also, after 2 months in Thailand, my favorite thing about this country.  The food has not…


Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

We’ve spent over a month in Phuket now, and one of our absolute highlights has been the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.  I’ve been twice now; David and I took his sister Julie for our first visit (an afternoon tour) and then Carlanna and I went for my second trip (a morning tour). Read our One-Week Itinerary for Phuket, Thailand. Elephant Tourism in…


Visiting the Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

We’ve been hanging out on Phuket Island for several weeks now.  We hauled out at G&T boatyard for some work, but we bookended our haul out with visits from both of David’s siblings: Thomas first, the first week of January; and then Julie at the end of our haul out.  Both Thomas and Julie wanted…