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Visiting the Emergency Room in Labuan Bajo

Indonesia seems to be hitting the cruisers rather hard.  While many have come down with occasional cases of “Bali belly”, others have had more serious issues.  I woke up one morning in Pasarwajo with some troubling symptoms – not debilitating, but concerning. The first thing we did was WebMD the symptoms, and I was feeling…

Cruising Lifestyle

Important Documents for Cruisers

Aboard Starry Horizons we have three binders that hold our important documents. These are the documents we’ve needed to cruise over 30,000 nm and complete formalities to visit over 35 countries. Travel Folder This is the binder we bring with us whenever we arrive in a new country or even arriving in a new marina….

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Vaccines for Cruisers

***I am not a medical professional.  Just sharing the research I’ve done regarding our trip.  Talk to your doctor!*** Yesterday we went to our PCP to discuss medical concerns for cruising.  At our Offshore Emergency Medicine course, it was recommended that we talk to our physicians and get a personalized approach to our medical care…