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Where to Eat in Phuket Thailand

When I say I was excited about visiting Thailand, it was mostly because I absolutely love Thai food.  On that front, Thailand did not disappoint.  We had so many classic dishes at Phuket restaurants such as Pad Thai and Pad See Ew (David’s favorite and mine, respectively).  Of course, we also got to explore more…


Lardyai – Phuket Walking Street on Sunday Night

My favorite thing about visiting Thailand – or most of Southeast Asia for that matter – is the food.  Thai is my favorite cuisine, and the food was the number one reason I wanted to come to Thailand.  It’s also, after 2 months in Thailand, my favorite thing about this country.  The food has not…

Cruising Lifestyle

Provisioning for 30 Days or More

My most time-consuming job on Starry Horizons is the position of Chef.  I spend a lot of time grocery shopping, storing, and cooking our food on board.  It’s a good thing I like doing it – with the exception of schlepping to the store! There have been several instances where we’ve cruised to places where…