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Taking Apart Our Forestay

On our sail from Saint Helena to Brazil, we noticed something quite troubling. The set screws that hold our forestay together were backing out, and some were already completely missing. This was causing misalignment between the luff extensions and was damaging our sail. A properly aligned luff extension: Our misaligned one. You can see the…


Goiot Escape Hatch Failures on Cruising Catamarans

Just what you don’t want: a very big hole in your boat. That’s what’s happened to a lot of catamaran owners over that past several years. And shockingly, this hole was designed to be in our boats for safety reasons. Here’s what happened. What are Escape Hatches? Escape hatches are a hatch installed towards the…


3-Year Maintenance (Some Routine, Some Not)

While at The Boat Works in Coomera, we tackled a lot of projects.  Some of them we do yearly, while a few are things we’d never done before.  Starry Horizons is now over 3 years old, and although she’s still young for a boat, as she gets more broken in, there’s more work to be…


A Perfectly Executed Boat Project

Our first issue with our cockpit fridge was that it wouldn’t turn off.  Despite the fact that the switch was turned to off, we could still hear the compressor switching on to cool down the fridge. Our solution was to pull out the fuse so the fridge stopped receiving power. We didn’t realize it at…