Sri Lanka

Three Days in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle

We arrived in Sri Lanka in Trincomalee, which is a bit unusual for tourists, who normally fly into Colombo. But our location meant we were close to some of the biggest attractions in Sri Lanka; the Cultural Triangle. There are five main parts of the Cultural Triangle; Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy, and Polonnaruwa. Hiring a Driver…

Sri Lanka

Minneriya National Park 3-Hour Jeep Safari

On our first day out in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle, our driver, Raj, took us to Prasanna Hotel and Restaurant.  This hotel also operates open-air Jeep tours in the nearby Minneriya National Park. Minneriya National Park Together with Kaudulla and Wasgamuwa National Parks, this is Sri Lanka’s elephant corridor. Depending on the weather and season,…

Catamarans & Sailing

Sailing Phuket, Thailand to Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

After two months cruising the west coast of Thailand, we were ready to kick start our year crossing the Indian Ocean. Passage Summary Mileage: 1,017 (not including heaving to & final motor) 1,051 (including heaving to & final motor in) Speed:  6.5 knots (not including heaving to & final motor)  6.16 knots (including heaving to & final…


Cruising the West Coast of Thailand

We cleared into Thailand on December 6th and left Thai waters on February 19th.  Starry Horizons spent two and a half months in Thailand, but David and I flew back to the states for part of it and spent a little over two months in the country.  We spent most of our time around Phuket….


One Week in Phuket Itinerary

Thailand was one of the countries I was most excited about visiting on our around-the-world adventure.  We ended up spending a little over two months sailing on the west coast of Thailand, and a majority of that time was spent on Phuket.  Not everyone has the luxury of slow travel like we do, but everything…


Where to Eat in Phuket Thailand

When I say I was excited about visiting Thailand, it was mostly because I absolutely love Thai food.  On that front, Thailand did not disappoint.  We had so many classic dishes at Phuket restaurants such as Pad Thai and Pad See Ew (David’s favorite and mine, respectively).  Of course, we also got to explore more…


Phuket Seashell Museum Thailand

I love to comb the beach, looking for unique shells and then learning about the animals that make these shells a home.  It’s a fun activity and I learn something new.  However, very rarely do I ever keep the shells; I have a teeny, tiny shell collection on Starry Horizons.  I usually find shells on the…