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Exercising While Cruising

Exercise has always been a part of our lives so it would make sense that we would exercise onboard Starry Horizons.  However, it’s taken over four years to develop some good habits and settle into an exercise routine. Before Cruising Back in land life, David and I both...
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Radar Feature: MARPA Targets

Our AIS (Automatic Identification System) is one of our favorite electronics on the boat.  It helps us make better navigational decisions, especially in high traffic areas or ship channels.  However, while cruising through South East Asia, we encountered a lot of...
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Radar Feature: Rain

Rain and fog greatly reduce visibility and increase the risk of a collision while boating.  Thankfully, your radar has built-in features you can use to “see” through the rain better and avoid a deadly mistake. While sailing around in the Maldives, we were near...
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Insurance for Cruising Boats

We frequently get asked about how insurance works out here.  How do we insure our boat? What restrictions do you have on your boat insurance? My boat insurance policy is going up 200%, help me! When we moved aboard Starry Horizons, we wanted to sail the boat across the...
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Snorkeling Off Your Cruising Boat

Snorkeling is one of our absolute favorite activities when we are cruising.  When the water is clear, I like to get in at least every other day for a snorkel.  It’s great exercise and exposes us to the marine wildlife around us.  Since we’ve been...
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Health Insurance for Full Time Travel

All prices are in USD.  We are Americans, Blowing Bubbles is Canadian. In October, our friends on S/V Blowing Bubbles were in a major accident in Indonesia.  Kyle was evacuated to Singapore, where they received a $78,000 medical bill. We’ve had small medical bills...
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A Year with Our Drift Paddleboards

I wrote a while back about unboxing my new Drift Paddleboards I got in Australia and taking them for a spin.  Since then, I’ve had a blast paddleboarding with the Gemini Twins (or the singular, Lord and Lady Gemini) all over Southeast Asia. However, after my first few...
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Galveston Art Tour by Bicycle

I’m a proud Houstonian; I’ve lived there most of my life (from about two years old on).  I graduated high school out in the ‘burbs, bought my first house inside the loop, and my parents still live out in Clear Lake.  And all my life, Galveston has been...
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Magma Products Nesting Pots and Pans Review

I was already a huge fan of my Magma Products nesting cookware set.  I had brought a set over to France when we moved aboard the boat and easily fell in love with them.  However, after four years and some mistreatment on my part, my pans were not doing so well. ...
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