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While we’re waiting for Starry Horizons to be built, we have to keep busy and dreaming of the water.  Fortunately, we have an easy way to do that.  Amy runs Star Fleet Yachts which is a business that was started by her dad and operates a fleet of entertainment yachts for public and private charter.  While we both have our 100 ton captain’s licenses, Amy stays quite busy running the company so I get to help captain the boats.  For those of you who are curious here is the fleet:

Star Gazer

She’s the flagship, at 100′ with two decks and can take 150 passengers out on a cruise.  It’s quite a feeling to be behind the helm of this majestic lady.  She’s got twin screws and a bow thruster, which is quite useful when trying to maneuver her around the dock and through the narrow Kemah Bridge.  She was custom built for the Kemah/Clear Lake area as she only has a draft of about 2.5 feet to go in the average 4-5 feet of water in Clear Lake.

By far my most interesting experience on her has been the trip Amy and I took delivering her back to Kemah from a charter in Port Arthur.  It was an overnight trip in the Intracoastal Waterway, trying to decipher what the tugs were saying, and then a fun little jaunt in the Houston Ship Channel being passed by giant tankers, the wind blowing 30+ knots and waves breaking on the bow and spray flying up over the pilot house.  Ahh the memories…

Star Cruiser

At 90′ long, the Star Cruiser has a capacity for 126 guests.  She is our most unique boat to drive, since she has only a 2′ draft, and a jet drive propulsion system.  That means no rudders and a bucket is opened/closed in order to go in forward and reverse and moves from side to side so that you can actually turn the boat.  She is also fitted with a bow thruster, which comes in quite handy when turning her a full 180 in our marina.

Star Spirit

Before she was purchased by Star Fleet, the Spirit was known as The Texas Tease.  With a name like that, how could she be anything else other than the party boat?  She’s 74′ long and we actually had to detune the engines because she was too fast for our little bodies of water.  She’ll still take the rest of the boats in a race no problem, but these days most of the guests prefer to make great use of the loud sound system and 2nd deck dance floor.

Lake Limo

This 33′ boat mostly gets used to take up to 12 guests bar hopping around the Clear Lake area.  And since I have a captain’s license large enough to let me drive the “Big 3”, I haven’t captained the Limo for Star Fleet.  However, Amy and I have enjoyed taking the Limo around during the Christmas season to go look at Christmas lights on the lake, as well as taking friends out for a quick tour and perhaps a meal at Outriggers for some delicious fish tacos.

Star Cat

Ahh, my baby…  The Star Cat is a Maine Cat 30 and is hull #2.  This is the boat I got my start on, learning to sail as well as how to handle boats.  She was a great learner boat with the two engines, and while she isn’t the fastest boat on the water, she can provide lots of fun when the wind is blowing.  Amy and I love to take this boat out for a sunset sail, or even anchor out overnight when we have the bay to ourselves.  She has given us a taste of what the cruising life could be like, as well as the confidence to work our way up to bigger boats (both sail and power) so we have her to thank for getting us started on the path that is leading us to Starry Horizons.

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