What’s In a Name?

Choosing the name for a boat can be quite a difficult task.  It is an intensely personal thing since, lets face it, sailors have a rather large attachment to their boat.  The name of a boat can run the gauntlet from hilarious to extremely nautical.  In the marinas around us we have seen names like Hoosier Daddy (I’m assuming the owner must have been from Indiana), Sails Call, Miss Behavin’ and ones like Calypso or Wind Dancer.  Each name says a little bit about the owner and the boat.

For us, our Helia is going to be our home, carrying us safely across the globe and we worked hard to come up with a name that will reflect us and our journey.  For us, the main categories that we considered were:

  • Our Journey
  • Something Important to Us
  • Length of the Name
  • Internet Availability


Our Journey:  The goal is to eventually set off on a circumnavigation.  We love to travel and want to see the world.  The name of our boat needed to be suitable for this sort of adventure.  Starry Horizons takes into account that for us, being on the water means open skies, stars and an endless number of horizons to go explore.

Something Important to Us:  Stars are important to the both of us in many ways.  We have family connections and for me personally, I have very vivid memories of the select few times in my life that I was able to sit down and see stars from horizon to horizon.  (Living in one of the largest cities in the world means it doesn’t happen at home)  Those moments bring me a sense of peace and awe.  Sharing many those moments together is something I am most looking forward to about our trip.

Length of the Name:  The name of your boat has to be repeated over and over again to people you meet, over the radio and to Customs/Immigration.  Something short and relatively easy to understand is a must so Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious would have been a bad choice.

Internet Availability:  Some people may laugh or shake their heads at the inclusion of this category in our decision making process.  However, both the Admiral and I have some marketing experience and we know that in order to make a name for yourself on the internet, you need to make sure the domains/twitter/facebook pages etc that you want are available.  Most two word domains are already taken, but since we were considering Out Chasing Stars for the name of our boat, we knew that the domain/twitter/facebook page were all available.  While this isn’t exactly our boats name, it does convey the general sense behind our trip and we felt it well in line with the feeling we’re trying to portray.

As I said at the beginning, choosing a name for a boat is a very personal endeavor.  We considered names for several months before stumbling upon Starry Horizons, but once it was suggested, the proverbial light clicked on.  It makes the waiting a slight bit easier, knowing that while she hasn’t been built yet, Starry Horizons is just waiting for us to begin our adventure.



  1. Walbert Schulpen Reply

    Hi. Great Idea! We will leave La Rochelle with our Helia this spring. Check out our blog: svsaltypaws.blogspot.com

    • He Said Reply

      Hi Walbert, thanks for the comment! We’re always happy to find other Helia owners, especially ones that have blogs! Best of luck with getting your Helia ready, and we’ll definitely be following along.

  2. MGS Reply

    Wow, sorry I missed this reply. I’m glad you found and like our Let It Be pages! I’m really new at all this computer stuff, so it is a big learning curve for me.
    I just heard from Frank that y’all are in touch via e-mail and we get to meet you later this month! EXCELLENT! I know we will have a lot to talk about, but be warned, talking about the boat will only make it harder to wait on delivery….
    Frank and I look forward to meeting you soon. Good luck w/ the CowTown Marathon.

  3. MGS Reply

    Dear Captain and Admiral,
    My husband and I share a similar situation to yours. Like you, we will eventually live aboard our Helia 44, Let It Be. We took delivery of our Helia in February 2013 and have loved the few weeks we have spent on board. Currently LIB is in charter on Tortola, BVI until the time arrives for us to retire and begin our next adventure.
    We wish you the best of luck and hope someday the stars and winds allow our paths to cross!

    • He Said Reply

      Hi MG,

      Let It Be was one of the first pages we found when we were looking for other people with Helias and we love all the photos you’ve put up on Facebook! She looks like a lot of fun! The waiting to live aboard full time isn’t easy, but I’m sure it will be worth it for the both of us.

      We may actually be in your part of Texas some time early this year, and if we are, we’ll definitely have to try and get together so we can pick your brain and get even more excited about what we have to look forward to!

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