How does one start a journey like this?  Dream it.

Every day we dream about making progress.  Some dreams are more realistic then others, but for the most part, they consist of the beginning.  I dream about winning millions of dollars, or that my captain’s job will self sustain us.  Probability says that one is more likely than the other, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

I also dream about our vessel.  Where will she come from, and how will we start?  We will join her at her birth place and watch her launch, or is she waiting for us somewhere already?  Will we leave her where we find her and make trips to visit/sail, or will we bring her back to prepare ourselves and sail in our home waters?  How long will it take before we’re actually ready to leave on this journey?

Part of me is anxious about how much time we have in life.  My dad died young, and having recently had a medical scare of my own, I’m anxious to spend my days the best that I can.

There is also nerves.  This will be a big adventure, and a test of myself, and our relationship.  What drives me to do it is the desire to travel, live simply, and enjoy the time that we all have together.

We take steps forward, and I can’t wait for us to take off!

About the Author
Amy's family has a long, storied history on the water! Her dad and grandpa both owned maritime companies, and after her father's death, Amy ran the business. Amy picked up sailing from her dad, and she takes her credit for getting David into it! After selling everything, she's now the Admiral, Chef, Social Coordinator and First Mate aboard Starry Horizons!

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