Making Major Life Changes and Saying Goodbye to Star Fleet

We have taken a giant leap in cutting our ties.  On Friday August 29th, I sold my company, Star Fleet.

My history with Star Fleet has been so long, and this process has been extremely emotional for me.  My dad started Star Fleet in 1992, when I was 6 years old.  We always played on the boats.  There were times that we anchored the Star Gazer out by NASA Rd 1 for an overnight (and advertising!).  My brother and I would swim in the waters of Clear Lake, diving to the bottom and scooping up the silt to play with.  My dad would take us down to see the cruises off, and I would beg him to let me ride the cruise and wash dishes in the back.  Dad would pay me cash, as if I was doing chores!

I started officially working in 2000 as a dishwasher.  I was always very aware that I should work hard, so that the staff would never say that I was the boss’ daughter and allowed certain privileges.  I worked every weekend on the boats, and had more and more responsibilities in the kitchen.  When I went off to college, I came back and worked for 2 summers all around the business.  In sales, I worked putting together wedding packages and sourcing vendors.  I also work maintenance and on the boats as a server.  Eventually when I would come home for holidays I would work as a Cruise Director on the boats, running the event.  When I graduated college, I moved down to Houston to work as an engineer and I would still work a few times a year for Dad.

My dad passed away suddenly in November 2009.  It was an extremely difficult time with Dad’s death and our upcoming wedding.  Faced with liquidating the business or running it, I decided to quit my job and work for Star Fleet.  I have learned so much in the time since then.  I had no finance experience, or management experience.  I spent a lot of time flying by the seat of my pants – and still do sometimes!  It’s a fascinating company, and I am so proud of how far I have come in running it.

So what happened?  Ever since David started sailing we’ve talked about cruising and circumnavigating.  Last summer, my Vistage group helped me realize that I wasn’t very happy with what I was doing, for a variety of reasons.  I decided to put the company up for sale, and shortly afterwards, David and I decided this is the opportunity to buy a boat and start cruising.    We will have the time and the means while we are still young to do long term trip like a circumnavigation.

I am excited for Star Fleet’s future.  The new owners have a lot of big plans that have been dreams ever since my dad owned the business.  I am leaving them with a great staff, probably the best I have ever had.

David and I live on site, so we are moving permanently to Starry Horizons when we leave on October 13th.  We will be back visiting Houston as often as we can, but we will have officially moved away!  It is difficult to be making so many changes in our lives right now, but I know that once we get settled into Starry Horizons, we will know we have made the right choice.

About the Author
Amy's family has a long, storied history on the water! Her dad and grandpa both owned maritime companies, and after her father's death, Amy ran the business. Amy picked up sailing from her dad, and she takes her credit for getting David into it! After selling everything, she's now the Admiral, Chef, Social Coordinator and First Mate aboard Starry Horizons!
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  3. Aunt Susan Reply

    Amy, am so glad and happy for you guys that you are out livin’ your dreams. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Much love!!!

    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Susan! I am glad you are reading out blog!

      PS Lober told me about the delicious eggplant dish you made!

  4. CC Reply

    Thanks for sharing. So sweet. I loved the pictures.

  5. Lawrence J Rogers Reply

    Amy & David,

    Congratulations on the sale of Star Fleet! My wife Jimmy & I just returned from a two year cruise on our Jeanneau 45 sailboat. We’re at home in Clear Lake now – email if you’d like to get together and share sea stories.

    Best regards,

    Larry Rogers

    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Larry! We would of course love to chat with you about sea stories! We are pretty busy since we leave in left then a month we may not be able to but I will email you!

  6. Mary Grace Reply

    WOW! Congratulations, Amy. I know this has been a long time coming and you and David have spent a ton of time researching and dreaming. Praying for your happiness and safety as you move onto Starry Horizons. Keep us posted. We look forward to seeing you “out there” in the near future!

  7. Gary Young Reply

    Wow Amy,

    Great memories. Loved seeing the photos, especially when you were young. So cute!

  8. Lisa K Bittick Reply

    Amy, It was a pleasure working for you & with you at Star Fleet over the past 3 1/2 years. I am honored that a pic that included Jackie & Me were included in your blog. I will miss you, David, & your sweet dogs around the marina. I will pray for safety as you pursue “Your” dreams. I know your Dad is proud & smiling down from Heaven at his sweet little girls accomplishments. I believe Star Fleet will continue to thrive but you & David will surely be missed. Looking forward to following your blog to see where life finds you. Take care! Lisa

    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Lisa! That is so sweet!

  9. Keri Reply

    I’m always so happy when people are off to fabulous new journeys! You and David are going to have such a great time. Congratulations on following your dreams!!!

    • She Said Reply

      Thanks Keri!

  10. Eduardo Reply

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful memories.

    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Eduardo for all your help through Vistage! I will miss you guys so much!

  11. Deborah Reply

    Something tells me that(along with the others you love), every step of the way your dad has been helping you set sail toward pursuing your dreams.
    Amy, your huge success with Star Fleet and, your ambition to live life fully is such a beautiful testament to the love you and your daddy share.

    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Deborah, those are sweet words! I think my dad would be so impressed – and jealous!

  12. Robin Stanaland Reply

    This is the perfect summary of it all. I love the pictures! I am so excited for you and David and can’t wait to live vicariously through your adventures. You are a very special person! Your Dad is looking down from Heaven with a big smile on his face saying look at my Sweet Pea go! He would be so proud of you!

    • She Said Reply

      You don’t just have to live vicariously! I can’t wait to have you join us on the boat!

  13. Stephen King Reply

    Duh, I should check the spelling of my posts when typing in a phone….:-)

  14. Stephen King Reply

    Amy, in so happy that you are happy. Looking at the pictures and reading your story makes it clearer for me how string you are, and always have been.

    You should be really proud of what you’ve accomplished. I haven’t worked anywhere for 14 years!!!

    Bon voyage.

    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Steve! Typo ignored of course, but your words are so sweet and really mean a lot to me.

  15. Bill Reply

    Really enjoyed seeing the pictures, especially of my cousin(s)!

    • She Said Reply

      Thanks Bill!

  16. Calvin Reply

    Congrats! Huge move is an understatement and it will be an interesting adjustment period as you start the latest chapter in this thing we called Life. Nice photo essay!
    Looking forward to the Viva La France episodes.. 🙂 Have you been following Miss Catana at all? They were in La Rochelle this summer — good blog.

    Bon Voyage


    • She Said Reply

      Thank you Calvin! I will check out Miss Catana’s blog – I have been reading up on a lot of other Cruiser’s experiences in La Rochelle, since we will be there for so long I want to know what to expect!

      The transition is challenging to say the least! I look forward to leaving in October, but that may still not feel like we’ve “loosed the lines”.

  17. Mom! Reply

    Great post! The first picture was our Christmas card picture that year. I don’t know why I can’t find a copy. You left out your trip to St. Louis to help design the interior! I’m very proud of you!

    • She Said Reply

      Thanks Mom! I did leave the St Luois trip out….there were so many good pics to choose from!

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